Facility Usage

Crestview is available for many different activities.  If you want to use the facility we suggest that you first check on the CHURCH CALENDAR to determine if the date and room(s) that you want are available.  If they are, you can use ACCESS to request a reservation for the room. 

Note:  There are charges that apply to all uses of the facilities for any non-church function.  Church activities always have priority over non-church use of the facility.  Final determination about the appropriateness of a given activity or its possible conflict with church activities will be at the discretion of the church staff.

Room Use

Crestview has been blessed with great facilities we are willing to share with other organizations and individuals. As a general principal, church sponsored programs have a priority call on church facilities. Based on availability, various portions of the church may be used for programs which are consistent with the priorities of Crestview. If you are interested in using the church you may check the calendar for potential availability. If you would like to know the costs associated, check the FEE SCHEDULE for more information or call us at 513-777-6555.

Weddings In Our Facilities

Weddings are understood to be a function of worship. With that in mind, our Wedding Manual provides an overview of how we approach marriage at Crestview including specific information on the facilities availability and associated costs.

For an extended bibliography on marriage and to learn more about support and guidance we offer, please click here.

Use of rooms and facilities information and reservation requirements

God has given us a great building and other resources. We seek to make maximum use of those in serving him and in assisting our community.