Family Promise of Butler County


It is that time again! We will be hosting families who are with Family Promise of Butler County on Sunday, July 16 through Sunday, July 23, 2017. We have already begun filling in the schedule with some of the continuing families or groups and supervisors.

Please look at THE SCHEDULE to confirm if I already have you down or if I forgot to put you down to serve where you want to be (my apologies if so!). PLEASE EMAIL ME TO CONFIRM THAT YOU CAN INDEED DO YOUR ASSIGNMENT FOR THE NIGHT SPECIFIED OR WHAT NEW JOB YOU WOULD LIKE TO SIGN UP FOR.

One of our supervisors will be at the Crestview Mission desk over the next few Sundays, so feel free to stop by there to sign up in person.

Karen Limoseth will be sending out a SignupGenius with pantry food signups soon. We will most likely be adjusting the shopping list quantities a bit. Please stay posted on how that may affect what you usually provide.

We are trying to work out taking the families to the Reds game on Friday evening July 21st. We may or may not need evening hosts or meal hosts that night. Will keep you posted!

For further information please contact Sue Mahlock (513-309-4526).