Building & Grounds


To care for the church facilities - with a view to the overall ministry of Crestview. 

The Building & Grounds Team is about more than simply developing, maintaining, and overseeing the facilities.  Its focus goes beyond the physical needs to  seek ways to enable all the other ministry teems to have the right space for their needs.  The goal is to facilitate the effort of others to seek and share Christ. 

For more information contact:

Team Elder: Bill Maney

Staff Liaison: Rob Harris

Maintenance and utilizatin of Crestview facilities

Crestview's facilities are called upon to fill many needs;  a place for worship, a space for education and growth, a place to do mission and an area for peaceful contemplation.  The Building and Grounds Team, charged with developing, overseeing and maintaining facilities, understands that above all this is to be a place that facilitates the church's mission.