Crestview Faith Alliance Activities

The Faith Alliance mission:

“To eliminate poverty in our community and by our actions demonstrate true Christian love.”

The Faith Alliance vision:

“To be the organization that coordinates the collaborative external activities of the West Chester/Liberty Township Christian Community to serve the needs of the community.

New Liaison to Faith Alliance 

Crestview’s new volunteer liaison to Faith Alliance is Mark Stachler. Mark will represent us at Faith Alliance meetings to discuss with other local church liaisons how we can better serve the needs of our struggling neighbors together. Collaborative outreach ministries organized and/or supported directly by the Faith Alliance include Stepping Forward, WC Presbyterian Community Suppers, Summer Lunch & Literacy Programs, Feed our Neighbors in Need Food Drive, Help a Child in Need Succeed Backpack Program and X Days.


The Faith Alliance of Southwestern Ohio (DBA The Faith Alliance of West Chester and Liberty Township) was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit in 2011. Jay Shephard and Pastor Alan Landes were founding board members/presidents. The Faith Alliance currently has 19 church partner members and several other congregations and local organizations that partner with them. The Presbytery of Cincinnati is a financial supporter of the Faith Alliance. Sue Mahlock is the first Director of Outreach and only staff member.


Faith Alliance Activities CPC Historically Supports


Feed our Neighbors in Need Food Drive – every March

Participated every year since 2013

One of up to 22 congregations participating

CPC donates to the Faith Choice Pantry at Stepping Forward

Crestview collected the most ever in 2017 – over 3,200 pounds!

Coordinators – Jeff LaPrete, Sue Mahlock, children’s and youth group assist

2018 event: Sunday, March 4 (flyers & bags distributed Feb. 18 & 25)


X Days Community Service – April

Participated since beginning in 2013 for four years.

Multiple projects to go BE THE EXTERNAL CHURCH: including work at local schools, One Way Farm for Children, Boys and Girls Club projects, visiting shut-ins and nursing homes, picking up highway trash, etc.

In 2017, Faith Alliance is moving X Days to April and is offering at least ONE group project where churches and individual members can serve on each Saturday in April for Habitat for Humanity, putting finishing touches on a new home, serving lunch OR serving at their ReStore in Hamilton. Ages 14 and up are allowed to help. Crestview participated plus organized visits to shut-ins by our choir and others who like to sing.

Coordinator – Sue Mahlock for Habitat and Rodney Barbour/Shelly Oerle for shut-in visits.

2018 event: Most likely a Saturday in April or May – still in works.


Stepping Forward Tuesday Night Dinners – hosted by Faith Community UMC every Tuesday at 6pm

Crestview has supported by serving meals since 2011, usually 2-3 times per year.

First Signature Program of Faith Alliance Church Partners (now called Outreach Activity).

Participation in Stepping Forward, WC Presbyterian Community Suppers and/or Summer Lunch Ministry is a requirement of FA membership.

Comprehensive program offers Life Skills classes, Social Service referrals, food pantry, mentorship, etc.

Started with 25 guests and now average about 170 guests at dinner each week.

Only need to send 10-12 volunteers each time and bring meal to feed about 170.

Coordinator – Renee Leuthold

2017 dates: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

2018 dates: Tuesdays, February 6 and June 5, 2018


Summer Lunch Ministry– Monday through Friday all summer

Crestview prepared and served lunch to low-income kids in Gettysburg Mobile Home Community for about 10 years, partly before Faith Alliance existed. Faith Alliance took over the overall coordination of program in 2012 as it grew. A partnership between BC Success program, and since 2015 Lakota Child Nutrition and Mission Possible, it currently has 7 residential sites including Liberty Jr School where lunch is served and many where enrichment activities are offered after lunch. Lakota Food Busses started serving food at sites in 2016.

Churches can now may concentrate on relationships and sharing God, fun and other activities with at-risk kids. HOWEVER, LUNCHES FOR ADULTS AND GROCERIES TO SEND HOME ON WEEKENDS IS ALWAYS WELCOME! In 2017, Summer Lunch fed 13, 533 lunches to about 1,400 low-income Lakota children.

CPC Coordinator – Denise Chambers

Dates: Summer schedule is May 30 – August 7, 2018; CPC normally chooses one or two weeks to serve.


Summer Lunch Literacy Ministry – 6 weeks in June-July

No direct CPC participation except for Volunteer Advocate, Denise Chambers.

2017 was the 3rd year of this free, two days per week, summer reading program serving 1st through 2nd grade Lakota students who struggle with reading. Low-income children from 4 summer lunch sites including Lakota Lakes (previously Gettysburg), Deer Run, Meadowridge, and NorthPointe  are served.

Denise Chambers, CPC – Literacy Program Advocate

Volunteers both teen and retiree may help in classroom. Also book donations are very welcome!

2018 dates: June 4 – July 13, 2018


Help a Child in Need Succeed Backpack Ministry – July (Did not participate in 2017 – Hope Temple Backpack Program instead)

Crestview has participated from in 2014 – 2016.

Ministry is in support of Reach Out Lakota’s Back to School Program.

Crestview has sponsored 50 local Lakota children’s backpacks & whole school supply list each year.

In 2016, 10 of our churches provided 520 children’s school supplies which was more than 100% of those registered for help at ROL.

Coordinator – Sue Mahlock

2018 dates: July 15 & 22 distribute cards, collect on July 29, 2018 (CPC may or may not participate)


Sing Out Against Poverty Music Festival

Rodney Barbour and his CPC Praise Band were one of 4 bands to perform at the 2nd Annual Sing Out Against Poverty Festival in September 2017 at The Square at Union Centre.

400-500 people attended this event which offers free admission, food and fun for kids of all ages.

The music festival raised more than $6,300 to go toward FA Hunger and Education programs benefitting local programs of the Faith Alliance supporting the needy.

The event raises awareness for the Faith Alliance and poverty in our community.

Coordinators: Sue Mahlock and Bonnie Greenwood

2018 event: Saturday, September 29, 2018


Faith Alliance Annual Celebration

Crestview has hosted the first three Faith Alliance Annual Celebration Dinner Meetings.

Coordinators: Sue Mahlock, Bonnie Greenwood, Jay Shephard and Jenny Burns.

Karen Limoseth and the PW ladies assist in serving beverages and help direct setup in the Middle Sanctuary.

2018 event: Thursday, October 25, at 6pm in CPC Middle Sanctuary


For more information see the Faith Alliance Website