Tutoring has the power to boost at-risk children’s academic scores, create strong readers and improve confidence. But our volunteers become so much more than tutors. They become mentors, friends and positive role models that change the lives of children beyond the classroom. For over seven years Crestview members have been participating in the Whiz Kids program working with Adena Elementary and Shawnee Elementary Schools grades 2 through 6 in our  community.

COME JOIN US!  Denise Chambers is the head of the Whiz Kids program at Crestview. If you have an hour a week, we could really use your to help provide life-changing tutoring and mentoring for our young students!

Whiz Kids

Our Approach: Our tutoring initiative, Whiz Kids, is a literacy-based, one-to-one tutoring and mentoring program that has been recognized as a “Best Practice Program” by the Ohio Governor’s office. We work closely with local churches and organizations as they embrace a neighborhood public elementary school, develop relationships with school administrators, and provide tutors for the children. Tutoring sessions typically occur for one hour each week during the school year.