Around the World

Jesus commanded that we go into “all the world” teaching and making disciples.  To this end our missions horizon must go beyond our community.  Often this means by supplying financial and prayer support for missionaries:  we do this through recognized organizations like Cru (Campus Crusade)–note:  need to provide a new link – there web page is different)  ..  Heifer International, and People Building People.  We also have multiple opportunities to invest our time directly through opportunities like Matthew 25 Ministries, and by our own mission trips designed for both Adults and Youth.

Crestview supports various mission organizations to share Christ with the world

It is not enough to touch only the lives of those who are closest to us. We must also share Christ with a world burdened by spiritual and physical needs. We have found ways to do this through through people who have gone to where the need is and through our giving.