In Our Community

The whole world needs to hear the gospel message.  We believe that our community is a great place to begin and that, in many ways, it is uniquely our responsibility to share Christ with those immediately around us.  Working in our community gives us incredible opportunities for personal involvement as well as lending financial assistance.  Throughout the year there are literally thousands of hours invested by the people of Crestview to touch the lives of others.   We are involved in feeding the hungry, helping our local schools, providing meals and a place to stay for the homeless, working with expectant mothers, teaching children to read, and on and on.  All of this is done with one goal in mind:  to Seek & Share Christ!

Community Reach Out Ministries and Missions - Crestview Presbyterian Church

We want to help. We want to touch the real needs in our community, not only by providing opportunities for worship and growth, but also by meeting some of the physical needs of our neighbors.