To assist in our goal of sharing Christ with the community and the world.
The Mission Team is designed to encourage all of our church to become involved in communicating to the world the message of Jesus Christ.  This is done through many vehicles that deal with practical life needs and with many forms of telling about Christ.  The goal is not merely  the financial support of missions but also the personal involvement of our members in sharing Christ with the world.

Mini-Missions Incubator Funds

Support for Mission Organizations

Our mission team regularly reviews those organizations that we support to determine that they are consistent with the direction we believe God wants us to go in touching others for Christ.  Every mission at Crestview must have an advocate who functions as the local contact between Crestview and that mission.  

For more information contact:

Team Elders:   Linda Coffey and Dave Hoover

Staff Liaison:   Rev. Bob Anderson


Crestview Missions 

Applications for Individual, Short Term or Agency Support

We want to help you to share the love of Christ with the world. Whatever your interest in missions is, we have opportunities where you can become involved.  Crestview is committed to having our people do "hands on" mission as well as our commitment to financial support of various mission organizations.  An exciting opportunity can be found through our "Mission Incubator" funds which are monies set aside to provide the resources for people to share Christ with others: what could you do with just a little assistance?