Our sermons are designed to open the Scriptures to you, to encourage you to a life of godliness, and to help you to know God better.  They are timely and focused on the real issues of life.  Listen regularly to these messages:  we believe you will hear God speaking to you.

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  • I like Church but...


    I Like Church, but

    Believers were attractted to the early church by God's power and miracles, the generosity, sincerity, honesty and unity of the members, and the ...


    John 4:1-30;39-42

  • One in the Spirit


    One in the Spirit

    Believers in Christ need to be with others where they can learn God's Word, pray, and mature in the faith. We need to seek out other believers for ...


    Acts 2:42-47

  • I Doubt It


    I Doubt It

    Have you ever wished you could actually see Jesus, touch him, hear his words? Are the times you want to sit down with him and get his ...


    John 20:24-31

  • Good Morning!


    Good Morning

    The Angel who announced the Good News of the ressurrection to the women gave them four messages: Don't be frightened. heis isn't here. Come in and ...


    Matthew 28:1-9

  • The Rock concert


    The Rock Concert

    Teach us to Pray...for thine is the power and the glory forever...(Matthew 6:9-13 KJV) Living for the Supreme Power and glory of God. Thoughts for ...


    Matthew 6:13 & Luke 19:28-40

  • The Forgiveness Loop


    The Forgiveness Loop

    WE can cause the Holy Spirit sorrow by the way we live. Paul warns usagainst bad language, meanness, improper use of anger, quarrels, harsh words, ...


    Matthew 6:12

  • The Father and His Children


    The Father and His Children

    God cares about our daily needs, food, money, time, stress...etc. We will use that verse Matthew 6:11, "Give us this day our daily ...


    Matthew 6:11

  • Open Heaven, Part 2


    Open Heaven, Part 2

    To give God first place in your live means to turn to him first for help, to fill your thoughts with his desires, to take his character for you ...


    Matthwew 6-10

  • Open Heaven


    Open Heaven

    Sermon Series: Teach us to Pray (week 2). Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thoughts for Worship Worship Guide Sermon Audio ( To ...


    Matthew 6:10

  • Close Up and Personal with God


    Close Up and Personal with God

    We are entering the Lenten Season.  During these forty days, we experience a time and season to be quiet, to meditate and reflect on our ...


    Matthew 6:9

  • Tongue Tied Wonder


    Tongue Tied Wonder

    Responding to the wonder of God's love for us leaves us "tongue tied" as was Peter...he didn't know what to say, except, let's build a ...


    Mark 9:2-9

  • Seeking Jesus


    Seeking Jesus

    We will consider the phrases in the Mark narrative alon with our Crestview Mission statement - Seeking Christ... what does that mean... why do ...


    Mark 1:29-39

  • Living With Power and Authenticity


    Living With Power and Authenticity

    Jesus calls discipels to live under his authority which extends to the entire universe and its principalities and powers... we will look at some ways ...


    Mark 1:21-28

  • How to Create you Path to Follow Jesus


    How to Create you Path to Follow Jesus

    Follow Me! - Jesus call to the fisherman..., To us... What does it mean to follow Jesus as a Disciple in our day? What was in Jesus that made these ...


    Mark 1:14-20; Matthew 28:18ff

  • Transformed to Serve


    Transformed to Serve

    The Sermon for this week is presented by Steve Waters, guest speaker from World Vision. Thoughts for Worship Worship Guide Sermon Audio (to ...


    Verses from John 1

  • In Over My Head


    In Over My Head

    This willl look at our baptism as a call to misson...Jesus went from Baptism "approval and empowering" to temptation/mission. Our baptism ...


    Mark 1:4-11

  • The Star


    The Star

    Epiphany ...


    Matthew 2:1-12

  • The Gift Goes On


    The Gift Goes On

    Unlike the material gifts we receive under the tree, the gifts God gives at Chtistmas are te gifrs of love , peace and joy---and the gifts continue ...


    Matthew 8 & 9 (selected verses)

  • Expect! Miracles


    Expect! Miracles

    The prophetic word spoken by the angel conceived the child of God in Mary...God's prophetic words conceive miracles in us... and the impossible ...


    Luke 1:26-38

  • Expect! JOY


    Expect! JOY

    A look at living with joy in a world full of war, terror, teeter-totter economies, racial and ethnic prejudice, broken relationships and ...


    1 Thesallonians 5:16-24

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