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  • How do you Spell Presbiterian?


    How do you Spell Presbiterian?

    Two of our windows witness to the impact of John Calvin and John Knox on the formation of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland and America. These two ...


    1 Peter 5:1-5

  • 95 Challenges That Changed the Church


    95 Challenges That Changed the Church

    Windows 2015! -- Martin Luther's leadership in the early 1500's led to a massive "protest" against the established church. Using our ...


    Romans 1:16-17

  • Windows 2015: Incarnaton - God is With Us!


    Windows 2015: Incarnaton - God is With Us!

    Often people excuse selfishness, pride, or evil by claiming their "rights". As believers, we should have a different attitude, an attitude ...


    Verses from John 1, Phillipians 2

  • Interdependence Day


    Interdependence Day

    All believers in Christ belong to one body; all are united under on head who is Christ himself. Each believer has God-given abilities that can ...


    Ephesians 4:4-6,11-13

  • God's Ministry of Music


    God's Ministry of Music

    Pastor Bob will help us see music as one of God's gifts that grows our faith, helps us worship, empowers, etc. He will use two examples from the Old ...


    Colossians 3:16-17

  • Just an Average Joe?


    Just an Average Joe?

    ...Joseph was there for Jesus during his formative years, and the stamp of Joseph's life on Jesus must not be ignored. God trusted his only begotten ...


    Matthew 1:18-24

  • Through Middle Eastern Eyes


    Through Middle Eastern Eyes

    The Pharisees considered wealth a proof of righteousness. Jesus startled them with this story in which a diseased beggar is rewarded and a rich man ...


    Luke 16:19-31

  • Encountering God in Worship


    Encountering God in Worship

    Notice how the believers prayed. First they praised God; then they told God their specific problem and asked for his help. They did not ask God to ...


    Acts 4:23-31

  • The Holy Spirit and You


    The Holy Spirit and You

    God made his presence known to this group of belibers in a spectacular way-roaring wind. fire and his Holy Spirit. How has God revealed himself to ...


    Acts 2:1-13

  • Growing From the Inside Out


    Growing From the Inside Out

    In this sermon we will work first with Joseph whose generosity and integrity transformed him from the inside out...his life of honest integrity also ...


    Acts 4:32-37

  • We are a People of Destiny


    We are a People of Destiny

    This reading is about Apollos and the people who discipled and encouraged his spiritual growth and call to ministry. We'll hear about Priscilla and ...


    Acts 18:24-28

  • Welcoming the World at Our Doorstep


    Welcoming the World at Our Doorstep

    Real love toward others produces tangible actions.  Make sure you love runs deep enough to affect your hospitality, sympathy, fidelity, and ...


    Hebrews 13:1

  • I like Church but...


    I Like Church, but

    Believers were attractted to the early church by God's power and miracles, the generosity, sincerity, honesty and unity of the members, and the ...


    John 4:1-30;39-42

  • One in the Spirit


    One in the Spirit

    Believers in Christ need to be with others where they can learn God's Word, pray, and mature in the faith. We need to seek out other believers for ...


    Acts 2:42-47

  • I Doubt It


    I Doubt It

    Have you ever wished you could actually see Jesus, touch him, hear his words? Are the times you want to sit down with him and get his ...


    John 20:24-31

  • Good Morning!


    Good Morning

    The Angel who announced the Good News of the ressurrection to the women gave them four messages: Don't be frightened. heis isn't here. Come in and ...


    Matthew 28:1-9

  • The Rock concert


    The Rock Concert

    Teach us to Pray...for thine is the power and the glory forever...(Matthew 6:9-13 KJV) Living for the Supreme Power and glory of God. Thoughts for ...


    Matthew 6:13 & Luke 19:28-40

  • The Forgiveness Loop


    The Forgiveness Loop

    WE can cause the Holy Spirit sorrow by the way we live. Paul warns usagainst bad language, meanness, improper use of anger, quarrels, harsh words, ...


    Matthew 6:12

  • The Father and His Children


    The Father and His Children

    God cares about our daily needs, food, money, time, stress...etc. We will use that verse Matthew 6:11, "Give us this day our daily ...


    Matthew 6:11

  • Open Heaven, Part 2


    Open Heaven, Part 2

    To give God first place in your live means to turn to him first for help, to fill your thoughts with his desires, to take his character for you ...


    Matthwew 6-10

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