Special Services

All the services that we do at Crestview are, first and foremost, acts of worship to God.  We celebrate life and every transition in life in recognition of the One who gave us our very being.


Baptism is a celebration of new life and the promises of our Father, through baptism we become identified with the church, the body of Christ.


At Crestview weddings are understood to be a function of worship.  With that in mind, we have prepared a wedding manual which will give you a good overview of how we approach weddings.  Click Wedding Manual

For an extended bibliography on marriage and to see other support that we can offer you please click here.


Funerals recognize not the end of life, but the passing of loved ones to an eternal life with God and to a home prepared by Him.  We want to share with you in this transition in life.  Contact us at (513) 777-6555

Baptisms, Weddings and Special Prayer Services

Crestview offers many different worship services for all stages of life. Please contact us for more information.