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At the End of the Day” 1 Peter 1:1-12

with Rev. Shawn Barkley

Let’s take a deeper dive into the message of September 11, 2022

Below are some questions, thoughts, and additional insights that we invite you to participate in providing in the comments below your thoughts as we reflect on this week’s message:

1.   Were there any new ideas or insights you gained from this message?
2.  Did the message leave you with any additional questions? If so, what were they?
3.  Is there anything Shawn touched on that you would like to have further explained?

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and insights to this message in the comments section below.

Please use the comment area below to let us know your thoughts, responses and additional comments/questions.. . . Let’s dive deeper together!

One Comment

  1. First off, I LOVED Sunday’s sermon. Had I not been so emotional I would have detailed just how after that hug Shawn! I was so psyched to get the text link straight to the Monday Morning QB podcast I could hardly wait to put Ash down so I could settle in to listen. I loved digging in again today to our time on earth (as exiles) and considering God choosing to intentionally scatter us to further His ministry. Not something I’ve ever considered before but feels so in line with His ways, as also the choosing of Jacob over Esau, Moses, and of course Peter. I felt comforted, claimed, and called from 3 verses in a book I’m not sure I’ve ever read before (1 Peter of course- not the Bible!) Man. Thank you for not only making the Scriptures come alive but for also I believe for working with the Spirit to grow my understanding of the Word, and thus my knowledge of both the Heavenly Father and our place in His magnificent Kingdom.

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