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Audience of One: Week 2

with Rev. Shawn Barkley

Let’s take a deeper dive into the message of February 28, 2021

Below are some questions, thoughts and additional insights that we invite you to participate in providing in the comments below your thoughts as we reflect on this week’s message:

1.   Were there any new ideas or insights you gained from this message?
2.  Did the message leave you with any additional questions? If so, what were they?
3.  If you were teaching from the book of Matthew, what would YOU want to be sure to communicate?
4.  Is there anything Shawn touched on that you would like to have further explained?

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and insights to this message in the comments section below.

Please use the comment area below to let us know your thoughts, responses and additional comments/questions.. . . Let’s dive deeper together!

Comments (2)

  1. 1. “Glorify GOD in all we do and enjoy Him forever.”
    The pharisees did good deeds to gain favor with God and attention from people, both of which were wrong motives. No amount of giving can purchase salvation, for salvation is the gift of God.
    If our motive is to serve God in love and please Him, then we will give our gifts without calling attention to them. As a result, we will grow spiritually, God will be glorified, and others will be helped.

  2. Shawn, wondering about few things as I listened and read:
    1. Common to believe we only give money, what else?
    2. Common to believe we only build Temples, buildings, but today’s version could be ‘kingdom?’
    3. Common to believe “I have nothing to give” – because of tradition of financial. Helping all of us determine ‘what else, where else, how else, who else”‘ could be a way to help identify those non-financial areas of giving that are kingdom building.

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