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Bold Faithfulness: 11/02/20

with Rev. Shawn Barkley

Thoughts, comments and additional insights from November 1, 2020

Join Rev. Shawn Barkley as he reflects on the sermon given this past Sunday morning. Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and insights to this message in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey!! I appreciated the explanation of the prayer of the Apostles starting with adoration, and adoration being a key point of prayer. I need that reminder! So easy for me to go straight into thanksgiving and supplication, missing adoration and confession. THANKS!

    1. I agree Amy Jo; the Adoration aspect of prayer seems difficult for many of us. We ask: “Why does God want me to tell Him how wonderful and powerful He is?” In my mind, adoration reminds ME of how wonderful and powerful God is! Also, it establishes (reiterates) the relationship between the flawed and feeble human and the God of the universe.

  2. Pastor Shawn:
    Love the book of Acts, and I am so happy you have chosen to preach from it. There is so much to use for sermons that I’m sure it is difficult to zero in on a topic for each sermon.
    I have been thinking about the Sovereignty of God and how reminding myself of it every day can change the way I view circumstances in my life. I don’t think it means we don’t need to pray for good solutions to problems that arise, but I do feel more encouraged knowing my loving Father God has my best interest at heart.
    One more thing: The Lord has been impressing upon me the importance of praising Him (a mighty weapon against the enemy), and I have discovered that using the Psalms (I started in Psalm 90.), reading them aloud gives me beautiful praise words to give back to the Lord. It’s very uplifting.

    1. Diane, thanks so much for the comment. I’m with you on the sovereignty of God thoughts; His sovereignty doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t pray for God’s help and direction at all. In fact, understanding that aspect of God’s nature encourages me to pray with even greater boldness! Also, I hope others read your words on praying the Psalms…they teach us how to praise God and even give us the language to use.

      1. Shawn, You referred to predestination a bit when discussing Acts 4: 28, I always struggle with this concept. Could you talk more about that?

        1. Kathie, thanks for commenting – this is a tough one for many of us! So here’s my best reply for this type of forum:
          The doctrine of predestination in the New Testament was intended to comfort God’s people with the knowledge that He is sovereign, in control and has a destiny for His people. This doesn’t mean that we can’t or don’t exercise our ability to make choices in life, only that the ultimate destiny for individuals (and the entire creation) is up to God. As people who trust in Christ, we’re relieved of any anxiety regarding God’s care and our ultimate destiny. So for me, I tie this concept closely the truth that God, not humanity, is ultimately in control. One of these days I’ll use my “cruise ship” analogy in a sermon or MMQb.

          1. Shawn,
            Thank you, for affirming I’m not the only one challenged , and for your comforting response. Seems like right now, we’re all struggling with so many uncertainties. “Therefore I will look to the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation, my God will hear me.” Micah 7:7.
            I’m really looking forward to hearing the cruise ship analogy.

  3. SB- Thanks. During this time of my physical problems, I seem to have let anger and resentment substitute prayer as default.
    I needed the reminder. Enjoyed the MMQ.

    1. Prayers for you Floyd…seems like this is a struggle that many of us have. Thanks for being a part of MMQb – it’s a work in progress that will hopefully be refined over time. Take good care my friend.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Shawn. You and AJ are definitely a Barnabas to me! Have a wonderful week!

    1. And you are to us as well Diane!

  5. Sean,
    Watching on Tuesday, Nov 3. Watched the CrestView Sunday service replay last evening as Rodney cued me in that you were doing this followup.
    1) Like the opportunity to slow down the message and take time and use journaling to capture my thoughts. Sometime had a hard time remembering the question or journal prompt as I paused the video. Just a niggle.
    2) Appears to elicit more direct response than might be typical during a Sunday sermon. Probably a direct benefit of slowing down the message and allowing for learning time/absorption to occur.
    3) Curious if some of the terminology might have been confusing, like ‘pre-destination’ used in a different context. In many Presbyterian denominations that is a big ideological/theological sticking point. I like the way you used it to bring new meaning to the term.
    4) When I watched the previous week’s message about the Blueprint, I thought I might hear more about the work of the Holy Spirit? To me, this is why the book of Acts is so transitional. The release of Jesus power and values within the us.
    5) Monday Morning Quarterback is a metaphor that you are comfortable with because of your football knowledge. For many, they may not understand the metaphor enough to allow it to be the visual or life reference point that enables engagement. Not suggesting you change it. Might want to emphasize certain attributes of the metaphor as a part of the activity. Like: Journaling can be like making a plan, a game plan. Or, we all can benefit from identifying what we do well, and how we can improve. etc.

  6. Jim, hope all is well and thanks for the feedback. I like the concept of expanding our understanding of MMQb to include “game planning” – that’s gold!
    Regarding the doctrine of predestination; that’s always a sticky wicket (to use another metaphor!) for those of us who teach. My intention is to use it in a way that comforts God’s people and reduces anxiety.

  7. Shawn, thanks for offering us more ways to live out our Christian faith.
    Yes, praying Scripture is powerful and gives us peace when life falls apart. Let’s read it, memorize it, and pray it.
    This verse speaks to something you just said:
    “For it is God’s will that by doing right you should silence the ignorance of the foolish.” 1 Pet 2.16
    It is hard to deny acts of acts of love and kindness. They win people over on the emotional level, even when you are miles apart politically, religiously, educationally, economically…
    Love your neighbor. Love God. So simple, so hard.

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