GOLF birdie brothers
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Communion Blog: As we prepare….


Pictured are the “Birdie Brothers” — Rodney, Dave Handkins and me. With the stars perfectly aligned, we all scored birdies on the same hole at the Kings Island Golf Center. Modestly speaking, it was perhaps the most noteworthy achievement in the 21-year history of the Crestview golf league. (We, however, will not discuss the rest of the scorecard!) After 2 decades and counting, our good friend Ron Pilcher continues to serve as the “Commissioner”. In good Presbyterian fashion, Ron was appointed to this high office because he was the first to express an interest in golfing at a Deacon fair. Through these many years, many folks have had lots of fun, camaraderie, a few beers, and even played some decent golf!

The golf league is just one of many activities at Crestview that provide opportunities for fellowship, learning and time well spent in community. We are blessed and enriched by numerous small groups and associations, bible studies, missions, activities and events for all ages. In addition, there are many volunteer “one-off” opportunities throughout the year, for example, setting up tables and bringing food to potluck dinners, decorating the sanctuary for Christmas, hosting homeless families, assisting at Vacation Bible School and many other ways to serve and be served. During this time of year, we also seek to call new elders and deacons to join our church boards that are instrumental in helping lead and guide Crestview into a good future.

Scripture clearly tells us that Christians are meant to be in community and fellowship one with another. Through these loving supportive relationships and shared experiences, our spiritual lives are nurtured and deepened. We worship and sing together, hearing the Word honestly preached and taught. We learn from each other, join in common mission, laugh and sometimes cry together. Connected for a purpose, we mutually help one another along our respective faith walks. Sharing the Lord’s Supper together is perhaps the penultimate example of Christian fellowship, foreshadowing the great feast in heaven with the Lamb. Christ bids us join Him in His merciful covenant while building a loving and connected community inside and outside the church walls.

Bruce Fairbairn, Elder