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Communion Message:

Placed by God with Purpose
By: Bruce Fairbairn

I used to think I’d like to live in the high mountains. Barb and I have hiked numerous times through the American and Canadian Rockies, Sierra-Nevadas, Cascades, Adirondacks and other mountain ranges. It is always an inspiring and spiritual time to walk among these silent sentinels and to marvel at God’s awesome creation. However, I’ve noticed that the sun sets early and quickly in the high mountains, especially if you are on the eastern sides. The weather turns colder and gloomy and there are always those icy hair-pin-turn mountain roads with thousand-foot drop-offs to worry about.

I also used to think I’d like to live along the seashore of a mighty ocean. I love to hear the eternal, rhythmic churn of the surf, walk along warm sunny beaches, and enjoy beautiful risings and settings of the sun. On the other hand, I don’t much like the smell and feel of the pervasive sea air, nor swim in salty waters, especially among sharks!

I then thought about living in a remote cabin on a secluded lake far from civilization. I’m sure it would be wonderful for one or two months experiencing such solitude and simplicity amidst natural beauty. But I think the lack of nearby neighbors and the isolation would eventually be wearing, not to mention the travel time it would take to obtain essentials like pizza and beer.

So I think Barb and I will stay in West Chester. We have a good home, nice neighbors, plenty of things nearby to do, and–perhaps best of all–a wonderful church family just a few miles away. I believe God has placed each one of us in this space, at this particular time, and under specific individual circumstances as part of His good plan for us and the world. Here we worship, walk with the Spirit, share our gifts, and help spread the Good News.

God placed Jesus in a perfect time and space and with divine purpose to fulfill His work on earth. During this time of Advent, we once again anticipate the arrival of that perfect baby, lying in a manger in a dusty village and (seemingly) back water country. In communion, the Lord’s Table is placed with purpose front and center of the congregation laden with cup and bread as we remember Christ’s sacrifice and celebrate His new covenant with its promises for our eternal lives. We are privileged this month to celebrate and share communion twice, this Sunday and on Christmas Eve. An early and heartfelt Merry Christmas to all!