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Communion Message:

CHRISTmas Presence All Year Round
By: Bruce Fairbairn

Crestview’s theme during Advent was “CHRISTmas Presence”, reminding us that the real and eternal reason for the season is to celebrate Emmanuel, Christ coming into the world. The many traditions we revisit every year—beautifully ornamented trees, bright lights, gifts and carols—are wonderful elements of the season, touchstones that connect the past and present with cherished memories and new blessings. However, these traditions and events pale in significance and joy compared to knowing and staying in the presence of Christ.

Celebrating the coming of the New Year is also heavy-laden with traditions—parties, resolutions, Auld Lang Syne and football games. It is always a good time for retrospection as we assess the year gone by and look forward to the future. Even though the future is sometimes fraught with uncertainty, we are blessed and comforted by the in-dwelling Holy Spirit and can look forward with confident hope.

Sharing monthly communion is a beautiful, recurring touchstone that connects the past, present and future. We remember Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, continue our daily walk with Him, and push forward in full faith of God’s grace and mercy. We are freed to celebrate the meaning and import of Christmas every day and truly experience CHRISTmas presence all year round.