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Calling New Elders & Deacons

Your Congregational Nominating Committee is diligently searching for new Deacons and Elders to take on 3-year terms starting in January 2021. If you would like to nominate a church member–or maybe yourself as led by the Spirit–please call one of the team: AJ Barkley, Linda Coffey, Marty Gardocki, Janet Maney, Loel McIntosh, Beth Morris, and Bruce Fairbairn. In concert with our wonderful Crestview staff, Elders and Deacons help nurture the spiritual health and fellowship of the congregation; manage and oversee church budgets and administration; serve and lead ministry teams and committees; and are actively involved in worship services, missions, and Crestview programs. Please CLICK HERE for more detailed and fuller explanations of these very important and rewarding positions.