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Crestview Wants YOU!

You remember the old posters of Uncle Sam saying that he wants YOU for the U.S. Army? Well, Crestview also wants YOU future leaders to help our church continue to move forward confidently in God’s good plans. The Congregational Nominating Team is actively working to identify the Deacons and Elders called to service and we ask for your help. If you yourself are feeling called by the Spirit, or you know of other members of Crestview that you believe would make fine leaders, please call one of the Nominating Team: Amy Jo Barkley, Dave Corfman, Bruce Fairbairn, Marty Gardocki, Janet Maney, Beth Morris and Jay Shephard.

Here are the Leadership Job Descriptions to provide a thumbnail sketch on the important roles and responsibilities of Deacons and Elders. The new leaders will begin 3-year terms this January 2023. We are also looking for Nominating Team members who will begin 1-year terms also in January. Please help—Crestview and the Holy Spirit want YOU!

You may also contact the church office at cpcinfo@crestview