Connect with a Small Group

The Crestview Family Life Team’s vision is that Everybody at Crestview feels included, supported, and loved by our church family. Our purpose is to create opportunities to build lasting relationships through fellowship. We are therefore proud to sponsor Crestview Adult Small groups.  These groups are meant to bring people together socially to get to know each other and enjoy fellowship and fun. There is a group for everyone and for everyone a group. You are welcome to join any group no matter your circumstance.  These groups are run autonomously, each one working together to plan events for the group on a regular basis. We hope that you will consider joining one of these groups!  If you have questions or are interested in starting a small group please reach out to the Crestview Family Life Team or email us at

Virtual Small Group Opportunity

Interested in participating in an online group?
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Young at Heart

Folks born 1936 or earlier.

Busy Friends

Folks born between 1937 & 1949.


Folks born between 1941 & 1944.


Folks born between 1945 & 1949.

Good Vibrations

Folks born between 1950 & 1953.


Folks born between 1954 & 1956.

Sealed Team 6

Folks born between 1957 & 1960.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Folks born between 1961 & 1966.

Livin’ on a Prayer

Folks born between 1967 & 1970.

The Young & the Rest of Us

Folks born 1971 & 1985.


Folks born between 1986 & 2001.