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Crestview Area Relief Effort (C.A.R.E.)

C.A.R.E. – Crestview Area Relief Effort was approved and funded as a new church-wide ministry effort in April of 2019.  The concept of bringing the Adult Mission Trip “home” was born during the February 2019 trip to Wilmington. Over the last 15 years the Adult trip has responded with 12 – 15 members traveling to numerous disaster areas to help with recovery clean-up and rebuilding after a disaster (hurricanes, tornado, flood).  The team felt we could accomplish similar objectives in rebuilding, reconstruction and safety repair/relief effort in our local community, whether disaster related or not. We felt that activities closer to Crestview would enable more of the congregation to participate in the effort and increase our “footprint of service” locally.

We hope to accomplish at least 4 projects in 2020.  Criteria for a family to be selected includes a defined need than can reasonably be accomplished within a week, financial constraints, and willingness to participate in the effort. Our dream is to have a list of projects longer than the team can accomplish.  In the longer term we hope to partner with other local churches and Faith Alliance to increase our ability to serve the community.

Being local – so many more talents can be utilized … Lunch prep, materials shopping, picture taking, spiritual dialogue, organizing, as well as construction and skilled activities.

If you would like to be placed on our volunteer list or you know of families that could use our help, please contact Barbi/Jeff Morgan or Lynne/Dave Hoover.

Prime Points of Contact:

  • Barbi Morgan – Congregation Spokesperson, Site Assessment, Site Crew Leader
  • Dave Hoover – External Liaison, Site Assessment, Site Crew Leader
  • Lynne Hoover – Admin, Location selection in conjunction with Mission Team

2019 Projects:

December:  The C.A.R.E. team and Crestview Presbyterian Women applied their time, talents and funds to Hope House Mission in Middletown, Ohio.

September:  The C.A.R.E. team would like to thank our volunteers during the week and families that donated tools and/or gift cards. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, we worked about 180 hours helping 6 families in the Lincoln Heights/Reading area. The team built 5 sets of steps, reinforced a deck, fixed and mitigated water leakage in a a basement, repaired a concrete porch, prepped a home for repainting, landscaped and engaged with families.