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Renewing Your Mind


Crestview Middle Sanctuary


May 29, 2022
10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Adult Education Team

Renewing your mind is crucial for life, especially when crisis comes. You don’t have to let toxic thoughts wander chaotically through your mind. Rather you can choose to bring heaven to earth through your thoughts, words, and actions. In this way you reflect God’s glory and love. Your brain is neuroplastic. Neuroplasticity means your brain can change. You can choose life. You can change the structure of your brain with the Holy Spirit’s help.

Scripture encourages you to set your mind on things above. What you focus on the most grows. So set your mind on the direction you want to go. Your thinking, feeling, and choosing allow you to control your thoughts. In this course, we’ll be memorizing scripture, writing reflectively, praying, practicing gratitude, serving, as well as building and resting our brains. Join us to renew your mind.