IF Friday
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Psalm 23:6

We have arrived! It’s Friday, and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and also immersing myself completely into the beautiful 23rd Psalm. We will have time for worship, study, and fellowship, and I pray that each of you will receive exactly what you need from the weekend.

As I read the final verse of the Psalm, I can’t help but smile to myself and say, “He’s got this.” The five preceding verses have reminded me that the Lord will provide, restore, guide, protect, and prepare me. Now I can rest assured that goodness and mercy will follow me for the rest of my days, and I will dwell in His house forever.

I could just end there, but I won’t. 😉

Because what if more is expected from us than simply receiving this goodness and mercy? Could David have been encouraging himself and others to not only receive but to also leave goodness and mercy? What if wherever we went, we left goodness and mercy in our wake such that we leave a trail of love, compassion and mercy that follows us every day?

When we leave our jobs at the end of the day, do others feel encouraged or cared for by something we said or did? When our spouses, our children (young or old) or friends leave our company, do they look forward to seeing us again? We all have our moments, but as believers who strive to be like Christ, our goal should be more often than not to leave that trail.

Why? Because if we do, we are fulfilling the promise of dwelling in the house of the Lord forever. It’s not a physical house, it’s the deep feeling of belonging to Him as a child of God that drives us to do our best and be our best for His sake. This is a “home” that will never lead us astray nor stop loving us when we do go astray. Whether you grew up in a loving, Christian home or you did not, your true and eternal home awaits you. Just knock on the door and step in.

IF day 5

Blessings to all of you –  see you tonight!

From our IF playlist. Praise God!

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