AV Team
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AV Team

Crestview is blessed to be able to broadcast our 9:30 am service online for viewers with internet access to watch and listen to whenever and where ever they are, but this does not happen without a our dedicated volunteers who setup and produce the weekly services.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the various tasks needed to make our online services possible each week. We will work with interested participants and train you on our equipment and needs.

Please note: You will not be asked to volunteer every Sunday. Our goal is to have enough people to rotate volunteers to one time/month per position. Below is a list of Sunday AV Positions:

  • Camera Operator (uses Crestview Camera located in back of Sanctuary)
  • Visual Operator (Works with PowerPoint slides)
  • Audio Operator (Works with Audio Levels, Speaker Mics, Choir & Band Mics)
  • Livestream Producer (Works with Studio Software to produce online video)
  • Setup/Tear Down Support (Helps setup cameras, mics as needed)

If interested – or just want to learn more – contact us via form below:

Yes! I would like to learn more about serving on the Crestview AV Team