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Looking for Clear Vision?

Stick with me here…​​

You may be familiar with what Shawn has shared as the 4 Areas of Enhanced Focus at CPC for the 2 Year Period 2022 – 2024.

  1. Enriching Worship Experience & Participation for all Ages
  2. Equipping Each Other to Engage & Invite those in our Paths into a Relationship with Christ and the Church
  3. Developing our Online Ministry (our digital front porch)
  4. Utilizing Crestview Campus (increase use as a ministry tool)

The team believes these areas align well with our VALUES, and vision of “growing mature followers of Jesus.” They’re woven into our CPC opportunities and actions as communicated in this Beyond the Bulletin below… Spiritual Conversations visit from Koukl, Thursday Church, online women’s Bible study, and more…

So now – thanks for sticking with me – One for You, One for WHO what? Screen/eye glass cleaners – that is the what. And WHO doesn’t need one of those?!?


Be sure to pick up this fun and helpful tool for engaging.  Cashiers, waiters, friends and neighbors…. Let’s consider praying about SEEING CLEARLY WHO in our lives, known or unknown, we may be called to invite to church or into conversation. We hope this nice little gift in hand will encourage follow through when we experience those nudges.

Pick one up Sunday morning, during the week at the church office, or email us at cpcinfo@crestviewchurch to receive by mail.

Now, you may be thinking, what about me? I want one of those to keep for myself! And when you see it, you will. 😉  We ordered extras for you, our Crestview family. We’re asking for a $1 donation – which simply helps offset the cost. Thank you for engaging, and we’re praying for a clear vision for all!