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Metanoia Center – Snacks Needed!

Snack Time during Tuesday Tutoring Sessions

Metanoia weekly tutoring program resumed on Tuesday, October 3rd. 3rd grade students recommended by their Lockland teachers are invited each week to the Metanoia Center for tutoring, where wonderful volunteers await them! Crestview Mission Team has agreed to provide healthy, home-made snacks for the kiddos. 

If you would like to either prepare snacks, deliver the snacks, or BOTH, sign up HERE.

Details on participating in this ministry:

  • Package healthy fruit/vegetable/protein snacks in individual containers. (Containers are provided and can be picked up at the Mission Desk (please wash & return to church when complete)
  • Suggestions:  turkey roll ups, cheese cubes or string cheese, grapes, celery/carrots and ranch dip, raisins, apple slices, oranges, etc … use sparingly low processed crunchy snacks like pretzels, Triscuits or Goldfish.
  • 100% fruit drinks or water – open them ahead of time to avoid delay & messy spills
  • Bring hand wipes for before snack and be sure to include napkins for their use during snacks
    • A box with supplies can be found in the GG storage area or the Mission Desk.
  • Arrive at Metanoia (113 North Wayne Ave, Lockland, 45215),  approximately 2:50pm on Tuesday afternoons and plan to stay until children are finished with their snacks and tutoring has begun.  You are welcome to stay and help if they have projects or play games (sometimes) with the kids if you have time.  Otherwise, collect containers from the kids – package any leftovers in a plastic bag for them to take home.  You could be done by 3:30ish.
  • Contact at Metanoia is Sommer Ray.  
  • You are welcome to bring your children just be sure there are enough snacks for them as well.
  • The maximum number of snacks needed will be 18 (in addition to any add’l kids you bring).  About 15 students and 2 children of one of the tutors and 1 extra, just in case. 

Contact Lynne Hoover, or TEXT 513.436.6800 with any questions. Thank you!

God’s Work through Our Hands! 

The latest updates and additional opportunities to get involved with the Metanoia Center are listed on their website and in their newsletters. Check it out here:

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