This a complete list of the current prayer requests for our Crestview family and friends. Requests can be submitted by contacting Karen Limoseth.

Our Crestview family…

Missy Lange, health issues
Jan Granger, upcoming knee surgery
George Crosthwaite, in hospice care
Dale Berninger, health issues
Kate Ryan, cancer
Ken Stothfang, moved to hospice


Our friends and family…

Garrett, grandson of former members Terri and Royce Schultz, in the NICU at Children’s downtown
Janette Wischerath, former member and deacon, recovery from brain surgery
Jeni Pettibone, Chris Mayerik’s niece
Emma LaPlant, Tom and Deeda’s 5 year old niece, health issues
Lynne Hoover’s Dad, Ken, health issues
Carolyn Pol would like prayers for her sister
Malani Arionna Saragosa, Charlene Bandurraga  great-granddaughter
Robert McIntosh, Loel McIntosh’s father, pneumonia
Brittany Slack and Jeff Glackin, Sue Mahlock’s family, health issues
Michelle Mathewson, Mark Stachler’s daughter, health issues