This a complete list of the current prayer requests for our Crestview family and friends. Requests can be submitted by contacting Karen Limoseth.

Our Crestview family…

Shirley Brunskill, health issues
Jim Brunskill, health issues
Sue Eades, recovery from surgery
Dave Senseman,
health issues
Kate Ryan, recovering from surgery

Our friends and family…

Amanda Black, Jill Hertenstein’s cousin, health issues
Jessica Wacker Burkhart, 
health issues
Jack Farmer, Aileen Hendricks’ brother, health issues
Jay Gardocki, Linda & Marti Gardocki’s son, career issues
Pem Liskey, Charlene Bandurraga’s mother, health issues
Brittany Slack and Jeff Glackin,
Sue Mahlock’s family, health issues
Michelle Mathewson, Mark Stachler’s daughter, health issues