Missionary Support

Freeset Mission Support


Freeset exists to help transform neighborhoods throughout West Bengal, India. Neighborhoods defined by extreme poverty and limited opportunity, especially for women. Freeset offers a way out – empowerment – through employment and so much more. The men and women of Freeset create bags, tees, aprons and a variety of other products, custom screen printed for businesses large and small, as well as conferences.
Crestview was blessed to host the founders of Freeset, Kerry and Annie Hilton, during a US tour in 2018, and the message they shared touched our congregation. Our mission team has donated funds to Freeset, we order our VBS tees from Freeset, and many in our congregation are fans of their fair trade, ethically sourced, WTO certified awesome products! 
We encourage you to check out this fabulous Freedom Business, and make an impact for the Kingdom!