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Pastor Shawn Barkley Thank You Tribute

January 28, 2024

What a bittersweet day at Crestview! Today, we say goodbye to Pastor Shawn Barkley and Amy Jo as they move back to Kentucky to continue their ministry among family, friends, and soon-to-be friends and neighbors. While we wish them well, we could not say goodbye without a little pomp and circumstance during (and after) Sunday’s service. This page hosts the photo mosaic, tribute video, and some of the photos taken from today’s events.

Interactive Photo Mosaic

Below is the Photo Mosaic prestented to Pastor Shawn & Amy Jo. It contains over 1100 photos taken from 2017 – 2023. You can zoom into the picture by clicking/tappin on the + sign or 4 arrow buttons.

For a more interactive experience on a computer, you can zoom in and click on a photo to enlarge the actual photo by clicking here.

Pastor Shawn & Amy Jo Tribute Video