After God's Own Heart

After God’s Own Heart – 2

April 30, 2023

1 Samuel 8

Israel asks for a King!

(a prayer)  All-powerful, all-knowing God, it grieves me to see the Creator rejected by his creation, the Lover of our souls spurned by his beloved.  But this was no surprise to you.  You had even warned Moses hundreds of years earlier that this was coming.  You know our sinful desire to imitate the world, our stubborn pride that makes us think we know better than you.  But you are not limited by worldly systems.  You can rule through priests or kings.  It was for the people’s sake and not your own that you warned them against a monarchy.  Yet even in their rebellion you were laying the foundation for our high priest, the King of kings, Jesus Christ, who would one day come and bring harmony between the throne and the temple.