At the End of the Day: 1st Peter 5:6-14

October 30, 2022

1 Peter 5:6-14

We often worry about our position and status, hoping we’ll get proper recognition for what we do.  But Peter advises us to remember that God’s recognition counts more than human praise.  God is able and willing to bless us according to his own timing.  Obey God regardless of present circumstances, and in his good time—either in this life or in the next—he will lift you up.  Also, carrying your worries, stress, and daily struggles by yourself shows that you have not trusted God fully with your life.  It takes humility, however, to recognize that God cares, to admit your need, and to let others in his family help you.  Sometimes we think that struggles caused by our own sin and foolishness are not God’s concern.  But when we turn to him in repentance, he will bear the weight even of those struggles.  Letting God have your worries is active, not passive.  Don’t submit to circumstances, but to the Lord who controls circumstances.