Blueprint - Handle with Prayer

Blueprint – The Book of Acts: Handle with Prayer

November 8, 2020

Acts 12:1-17

Peter was arrested during the Passover because there were more Jews in the city that usual.  Herod could impress the most people by making the arrest at this time.  In the midst of the plots, execution, and arrest, Luke injects the very important word “but”.  Herod’s plan was to execute Peter, BUT the believers were praying for Peter’s safety.  The earnest prayer of the church significantly affected the outcome of these events.  We know from the testimony of the Bible that prayer changes attitudes and events.  So pray often and pray with confidence.  The prayers of the little groups of believers were answered, even as they prayed.  But when the answer arrived at the door (Acts 4: 13-15) they didn’t believe it.  We should be people of faith who believe that God answers the prayers of those who seek his will.  When you pray, believe you’ll get an answer—and when the answer comes, don’t be surprised!