Blueprint – The Book of Acts: Sent Out to Minister

November 22, 2020

Acts 28:14-31

The book of Acts deals with the history of the Christians church and its expansion in ever-widening circles touching Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus, and Rome—the most influential cities in the western world.  Acts also shows the mighty miracles and testimonies of the heroes and martyrs of the early church—Peter, Stephen, James, Paul.  All the ministry was prompted and help together by the Holy Spirit working in the lives of ordinary people—merchants, travelers, slaves, jailers, church leaders, males, females, Gentiles, Jews, rich, poor.  Many unsung heroes of the faith continued the acts of the Holy Spirit through succeeding generations, changing the world with a changeless message—that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord for all who call upon him.  We today can be the unsung heroes in the continuing story of the spread of the gospel.  It is that same message that we Christians are to take to our world, so it too may hear and believe.