Blueprint – The Book of Acts: Too Good Not to Share

November 15, 2020

Acts 16, 17

Paul takes the opportunity to share the good news with all of the various folks he meets in all situations.  Timothy was the first second generation Christian in that his mother Eunice and grandmother Lois were believers and had faithfully influenced him for the Lord.  Timothy went beyond the requirements and volunteered to be circumcised (at Paul’s request) to overcome any barriers to his witness for Christ and help the people receive his testimony.  In 16:13 we read the stories of three individuals who became believers through Paul’s ministry in Philippi: Lydia the influential businesswoman, the demon-possessed slave girl, the jailer.  Notice the gospel was affecting all strata of society, just as it does today.  What opportunities will you have this week to share the gospel in “the setting” where God has placed you?  Remember you have The Holy Spirit to empower your witness!