Exodus: Chapter 16

June 19, 2022

Exodus 16

The wilderness was a vast and hostile environment of sand and stone.  Its barren surroundings provided the perfect place for God to test and shape the character of his people.  As the Israelites encountered danger, shortages and inconvenience, they complained bitterly and longed to be back in Egypt.  But as always, God provided for their needs.  Difficult circumstances can cause stress.  When that happens, complaining is the natural response.  The Israelites didn’t really want to be back in Egypt, they just wanted life to get a little easier.  In the pressure of the moment, they could not focus on the cause of their stress (in this case, lack of trust in God).  They could only thing about the quickest way of escape.  When pressure comes your way, resist the temptation to make a quick escape.  Instead, focus on God’s power and wisdom to help you deal with the cause of your stress.