Justified: Isaiah 43

July 10, 2022

Isaiah 43: 107

The history of ancient Israel was framed by flood and fire—the “flood” of the Exodus from Egypt and the “fire” of the Babylonian exile.  Isaiah combines in parallel, poetic fashion these twin themes of exodus and exile that are so central to Israel’s self-understanding (Is 43:2).  The “waters” suggest the Red Sea, which the Lord parted so that the nation could cross and escape from Egypt (Ex 14:21-22).  Likewise, the “rivers” recall the Jordan River, which the Lord also parted in order for the people to enter Canaan (Josh 3:14-17).  The “fire” reflects the siege fires that burned Jerusalem ( 2 Kin. 25:8-10) and symbolically, the seventy years that the people of Judah spent in Babylon.  Perhaps you have been through experiences of flood or fire, either literal or symbolic.  In what ways was God with you?  How did he preserve you?  Or are you still in the midst of trial?  If so, tell a fellow believer about your need, and ask for prayer that God will supply you with the resources to meet the challenge.