Knock, Knock Who’s There?

September 06, 2020

Acts 9: 1-19

God is described in Scripture as being fond of using unlikely sources or people to accomplish his purposes. The selection of the people that he uses to bring about his kingdom is foreign to us as human beings. Who would have thought the tiny family of Abram would become the foundation of a mighty nation? Who could have guessed that the twelve rough-edged men would make disciples? When God does finally look to the trained religious leaders in the first century, he chooses Saul, later known as Paul. While Saul had the credentials and training for being a spiritual leader in the fledgling church, he obviously lacked the desire! He was the least likely of the rabbis to be chosen to lead and formulate early Christian theology. But that seems to be the mode in which God operates, choosing unlikely sources to accomplish monumental purposes.