Profiles in Faithfulness – Hannah

October 3, 2021


A Prayer:  Bad things can happen to good people, while good things happen to bad people.  It can be so hard to believe that you are in control, or even that you care.  Yet you are always there.  You are always at work.  In your time, you will turn my disappointments into joys, my failures into successes.  Help me to trust you, even though your deliverance has not yet come and seems so far away.  Gracious God, surprise me once again with another breathtaking demonstration of your goodness and faithfulness.

God, I join Hannah in praise you for your power to alter the condition of your creation.  You weaken the strong and strengthen the weak.  The full become hungry and the hungry you fill with food.  You raise the poor from the dust and seat them with princes.  You hold power over life and death.  I praise you for being a God of redemption, re-creation and renewal.  As your glory is revealed, “every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low.”  May your kingdom come, Sovereign Lord!  May your will be done”.