Refreshed: The Study of Ephesians – Ephesians 5

July 11, 2021

Ephesians 5

We are called to live for God and to be imitators of God (Eph 5:1), just as children follow after the patterns seen in their parents.  Here are some of the patterns that a godly lifestyle would include:

  • Living in love, which means giving of ourselves sacrificially for the benefit of others, just as Christ has done for us (5:2).
  • Forsaking selfish pursuits such as self-seeking, immorality and ruthless greed (5:3,5).
  • Replacing filthy talk, flippant chatter, and unkind jesting with communication rooted in thanksgiving to God and affirmation of others (5:4,20).
  • Exercising discernment about what we are told so as not to be susceptible to trickery from others (5:6-7, 15).
  • Bowing out from situations where evil is the agenda (5:11-12).
  • Managing our time well (5:16).

Perhaps you’ll want to develop your own list of Christlike patterns from this passage and others.  Consider asking a close believing friend to assess your progress.