Relentless: God’s Pursuit of You – Jonah 2

March 12, 2023

Jonah 2

Jonah 2:1 is a prayer of thanksgiving, not a prayer for deliverance. Jonah was simply thankful that he had not been drowned. He was delivered in a most spectacular way and was overwhelmend that he had escaped certain death. Even from inside the fish, Johan’s prayer was heard by God. We can pray anywhere and at any time, and God will ear us. Your sin is never too great, your predicament never too difficult for God. Johan said “When I had lost all hope, I turned my thoughts once more to the Lord (2:7). Often we act the same way. When life is going well, we tend to take God for granted, but when we lose hope, we cry out to him. This kind of relationship with God can result only in an inconsistent, up-and-down spiritual life. A consistent, daily commitment to God promotes a solid relationship with him. Look to God during both the good and bad times, and you will have a stronger spiritual life.