So That You May Know – The Paralytic

January 23, 2022

Luke 5:17-26

The news was out; help was available for the sick!  But a certain paralytic had no way to get to it.  Physically disabled people like him were not only immobile, but usually poor.  Useless to society and lacking help from the government, they invariably lived as social outcasts.  But some men knew of this man’s dilemma and came to his need.  They helped him get to a house where Jesus was teaching.  Yet enormous crowds made access impossible.  Fortunately, the men were determined and resourceful; they literally tore the roof off in order to connect their friend with the Helper.  Jesus noticed “their faith” and healed the paralyzed man.  Is there someone near you who is cut off from needed services—health care, transportation, access to community resources, financial assistance, or advocacy in the workplace?  Can you band together with others to provide what is needed in the tradition of the unnamed but faithful helpers described in Luke 5?