The Unlikely Ones - Judges

Stories from Judges: The Unlikely Ones | Judges 1 & 2

September 17, 2023

Judges 1 and 2

After Joshua’s death, the people of Israel needed to finish the job God gave them to do.  God had commanded them to drive out of Canaan the wicked people who lived there.  The Israelites were to possess the land and destroy the altars where the people of Canaan worshiped idols.  God was judging the people of Canaan for their great wickedness.  The Israelites did not drive out the wicked people of Canaan as God commanded.  The Israelites decided to live with their Canaanite neighbors.  Then the Israelites started worshiping the Canaanite idols.  God was angry.  He said, “I will not help my people drive the Canaanites out of the land.”