James_Week 2

The Book of James: Faith That Works – Week 2

January 15, 2023

James 2

Here, James argues against favoritism and for the necessity of good deeds.  He presents three principles of faith: 1) commitment is an essential part of faith.  You cannot be a Christian simply by affirming the right doctrines or agreeing with biblical facts (2:19).  You must commit your mind and heart to Christ 2) Right actions are the natural by-products of true faith.  A genuine Christian will have a changed life (2:18).  3)  Faith without good deeds doesn’t do anybody any good–it is useless (2:14-17).  James’s teachings are consistent with Paul’s teaching that we receive salvation by faith alone.  Paul emphasizes the purpose of faith: to bring salvation.  James emphasizes the results of faith: a changed life.