The Stories that Jesus Told: The Parable of the Tenants

August 9, 2020

Matt 21:33-46

In trying to reach us with his love, God finally sent his own Son.  His perfect life, his words of truth, and his sacrifice of love are meant to cause us to listen and to follow Christ as Lord.  In verse 44, Jesus is quoting from several Old Testament texts:  Isaiah 8:14, 15; Isaiah 28:16; Daniel 2:34,44,45.  He uses this metaphor to show that one stone can affect people different ways, depending on how they relate to it.  Ideally they will build on it; many, however, will trip over it.  And at the Last Judgment it will crush God’s enemies.  Christ, the “building block” will in the end become the “crushing stone.”  He is offering mercy and forgiveness NOW and promising judgment LATER.