The Stories that Jesus Told: The Ten Virgins, The Talents, The Sheep and Goats

July 19, 2020

Matt 25:31-46

To consider these three parables:  here is a prayer, a quote, and a hymntext.

Prayer:  My Lord and Master, I want to please you by using the talents and gifts you have given me for your glory and for your pleasure.  Let me not take them lightly or bury them under rationalization or procrastination.  Help me to make the most of what I have been given and to faithfully discharge my duties as your humble servant.

Quote:  (from Jonathan Edwards 1703-1758)  The kind of religion that God requires, and will accept, does not consist in weak, dull, and lifeless “woulding”—those weak inclinations that lack convictions—that raise us but a little above indifference.  God, in his word, greatly insists that we be in good earnest, fervent in spirit, and that our hearts be engaged vigorously in our religion:  “Be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord’ (Romans 12:11).   

Hymntext:  Faithful and true would he find us here.  If he should come today?  Watching in gladnes and not in fear, if he should come today?  Signs of his coming multiply, morning light breaks in eastern sky: Watch, for the time is drawing high; what if it were today?