Unwavering: Inspiration from Daniel

April 18, 2021 

Daniel 1 – Themes

God is in control – God is all-knowing, and he is in charge of world events.  God overrules and removes rebellious leaders who defy him.  God will overcome evil; no one is exempt.  But he will deliver the faithful who follow him.

Purpose in life – Daniel and his three friends are examples of dedication and commitment.  They determined to serve God regardless of the consequences.  They did not give in to pressures from an ungodly society because they had a clear purpose in life.

Perseverance – Daniel served in a foreign land that was hostile to God for 70 years, yet he did not compromise his faith in God.  He was truthful, persistent in prayer, and disinterested in power for personal glory.

God’s faithfulness – God was faithful in Daniel’s life.  He delivered him from prison, from a den of lions, and from enemies who hated him.  God cares for his people and deals patiently with them.