Wholehearted Commitment – Noah

November 6, 2022

Genesis 6:5-8

Lord, you made us so that we might glorify you and give you delight.  But our wickedness is great, polluting even our hidden thoughts.  Yet we praise you, O God, that in your great mercy, you have chosen not to wipe us from the face of the earth, rather, you have chosen to wipe away our sins and transgressions.  Cleanse us, wash us, free us, so that we might fear you and serve you.  May we grieve your Spirit no longer, but instead bring delight to your heart.

Read Genesis 6:22—Noah did everything just as God commanded him.  (a prayer)  What have you asked of me, Master, but to fear you, to walk in all your ways, to love you, to serve you with all my heart and soul.  But how, dear Lord, can I even begin to live so completely for you when I find it so natural to live for myself alone?  Only by grace…as it transforms me, leading me into those good works for which you have created and redeemed me.  Let your grace take hold of my life, so that I might do all that you have commanded me.