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Church membership is a sacred relationship between a person, the congregation and God; we’re careful to offer support and guidance in a low-pressure way.  We encourage you to come see what God is doing here, test your heart to see if He’s leading you to come back, “dip your toe” into the congregation, and then spend time in prayer regarding your involvement.

Crestview is a growing congregation, always eager to welcome new folks into this vibrant, warm and active church family. Whether you are local and in person, or you are in Peoria and strictly online, we invite you to join us! Typically, the path to membership looks something like this:

Check us out:

Attend a worship service (or a few) in person or online. Explore our website, FaceBook page and Beyond the Bulletin Friday e-newsletter. Between our worship and our communications, it won’t take long to get a feel for our multigenerational, warm, welcoming and sometimes a little goofy church family.

Check in:

Each week when you worship, whether online or in person, we invite you to “check in” to let us know you are worshipping with us. If you have a prayer request, it can be made when you “check in” and our staff will be praying that week for you.

Continue to consider Crestview as your church home:

At any point if you would like to be contacted, let us know!  Leave us your contact information and a request to be contacted when you check in, or by email, phone, FaceBook message or the form below. Pastor Shawn would be delighted to answer any questions you have about what we believe, Crestview’s mission and vision or church membership. Our Welcome Team would also enjoy the opportunity to follow up with you to talk shop, give you a tour of Crestview and discuss opportunities to meet more people and get involved, if you are interested.

We also welcome you to join any of the mission or study opportunities available. You don’t have to be a member to participate. And for those of you who are remote and strictly online, we’re able to offer online opportunities for involvement as well. Those are found on our ONLINE RESOURCES page. Hop in and test the waters! Getting involved in an activity or group, whether in person or online, is another great way to determine if you want to make Crestview your church home.

Attend a Starting Point Class:

Crestview occasionally offers “Starting Point” for folks who want to learn more about the congregation and explore the possibility of church membership. Call our office, watch the website and/or weekly email newsletter for time/dates of the next session. These are conducted both in person and online.

What is Starting Point?

Starting Point is a great way to meet other guests who are new to the congregation, but isn’t a requirement for membership. They typically last about 90 minutes and include a presentation by our pastor, followed by Q&A, and a tour of our facilities. If online, usually shorter.

Become a Member:

If you decide to become a Crestview member, and you are local/in person, you will meet the church Session(our governing board) on the Sunday morning before service to be welcomed formally as a member.

During that Sunday service, you will be introduced by Pastor Shawn and welcomed by the entire congregation during the service. It will be wonderful!

If you decide to become a Crestview member, and you are remote/strictly participating online, simply contact us by the form below or contact Pastor Shawn to discuss.  It will be wonderful!

I would like to learn more – Please contact me