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Summer Lunch Program

Our Summer Lunch Program will take place from May 27th through August 1st. In the past, Crestview has participated with Faith Alliance in preparing summer lunches for parents of children in Princeton Village (PV), while Lakota Child Nutrition provides lunch for the children. After eating we usually had a planned activity to do with the children. Due to the corona virus, plans have changed quite a bit. 

  • Our assigned day has changed from Wednesday to Monday.
  • We must maintain social distancing. Many parents are afraid to send their children outside so we are not sure how many will come out.
  • There will not be activities to do with the children, but we can give them activities to do on their own.
  • Only 2 people (always 2 people) are allowed on site to deliver items. 
  • We must wear masks, gloves to help the parents feel comfortable.
  • We will not be making lunches for the adults as has been done in the past.
  • We will be taking bags of staples to PV which we will hand out from the back of a car, truck, van, etc.

There are about 24 families to serve. We will need a lot of help from you for the supplies! Many of these folks have lost jobs and really need our help.

CLICK HERE to sign up for supplies to fill their staple bags and/or to deliver on Mondays.

Besides the drop off location mentioned on the Signup Genius, you may also drop items off at Crestview. There will be a box just inside the office door labeled “Princeton Village Summer Lunch”.

If you have any activity ideas for the kids to do at home, please send us your thoughts. Child age ranges are: 3-5 year olds,  K-3rd graders,  5th-6th graders and some high school age.

Thank you so much for considering this opportunity to help those in need.

Please contact George and Eileen Hupp for more information