Sunday Flower Dedication
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Sunday Flower Dedication

Are you looking for ways to participate in worship leadership? You could provide fresh flowers for worship gatherings on Sundays at Crestview! There is often a fresh floral arrangement to enhance worship, as the flowers remind us of God’s creation and presence with us, i.e., “For the Beauty of the Earth”, verse 2: For the wonder of each hour, hill and vale and tree and flower.

Register to donate fresh flowers here or stop by the Welcome Desk to order. The cost is $45.00

We need the following information:

  • Name of person purchasing the flowers
  • The name(s) of persons the flowers are for
  • Event or special occasion for the flowers
  • Sunday Date for flowers to be displayed

After the Sunday Service, you or a family member may pick up the flowers at Crestview, or if you specify, they will be donated to Crestview to give to a homebound member or person/group in need.

Note: The glass vase must be returned to Crestview after 1 week.

Please allow a minimum of 14 days’ notice for flower donations and the Sunday you want them displayed.

Payment for the flowers is $45.00. Please mail a check to the church or stop by the office with cash or check.

Crestview Presbyterian Church
9463 Cincinnati-Columbus Road
West Chester, OH 45069