Dave Burns

Facility Manager

Dave Burns has been a member of Crestview for over 30 years and has recently stepped in to become our first Facility Manager at Crestview. During Dave’s time at Crestview, he has served as an Elder, created the Crestview Family Team, and helped coordinate the Upward Basketball Mission. Dave has also been heavily involved with Crestview’s landscaping, Annual Garage Sale and has taught Adult Sunday School, he has served on the AV Team, the Snowmen team, and the Night in Bethlehem team. (He’s been a busy and involved member for years!)

Dave’s professional background is in accounting and finance.  He has owned his own company for 12 years and is a solo employee, therefore is responsible for everything from mopping the floors to vendor and client relationship development to logistics and planning.  Dave says his strength comes from his ability to create an Excel spreadsheet for just about anything.