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Psalm 23:3

Have you ever watched the show, “Flea Market Flip”?  Two teams of two compete to create three projects using primarily objects found at a flea market into items that will sell for the most money when they go to sell them at another flea market.  I enjoy seeing what people do with their items.  They restore and sometimes even repurpose items in new ways.

Check out these examples of a restoration and a repurpose.


The settee was not just restored it was made better than new (at least in my opinion). The ladders were repurposed into something completely different.  How cool!

When David wrote “He restores my soul”, I think he had more in mind than getting a good night’s rest or even getting “healthy”. When God restores our souls, he makes them new – even better than new! And he repurposes our soul to be like Him. No longer do we need to do things the “old” way, we have new aspirations, new ideals, new hopes.

Now we have these new goals and plans, but how do we achieve them? The second part of verse three provides an answer. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Returning to the sheep analogy from yestereday, sheep are often stubborn and “stiff-necked” (hmm, I recall hearing that description of the Israelites a few times). They are prone to keep going in the same direction they are going,  especially if they are with the herd. They will follow the same literal path until it has turned into a ditch that they can easily get stuck in. They need their shepherd to lead them to different and greener pastures on trails that may not be as worn, but are the best for them to reach their destination.

It’s a pretty easy jump to see how this applies to us as followers of the Good Shepherd. We too can be set in our ways and prone to follow the “herd”. If we are not regularly listening for the Shepherd’s voice, we will be lost, in a rut, and stuck.

Listen for His voice.  God wants so much more for you, and He is patiently waiting for you to listen!

Have a blessed day and look for another installment tomorrow.  Remember to check out the up to date information about the weekend below! Jenny Burns, IF Team

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